Elisabetta Censabella was born in Catania on 10/12/74 and studied Industrial Design at the Politecnico di Milano, specializing in design at the ‘IAV Orleans France.
She started to work for Giorgio Martino Architect Studio in Milan on 1993 and she some recovery and recycling projects at same time.
-1993 first exhibition on recycling with a staging experience for “Differenziamoci”, traveling in Italy on commission of the Ministry of Environment in collaboration with Vulcan Productions
-1994 Exhibition “Shots of the East” of photographer Angelo Lo Buglio in the castle of Peschiera Borromeo,on commission of Peschiera council: installations made by cardboard and bamboo
-1996 Set design for the exhibition “The Baroque in Militello” on commission of the APT (Company of Tourism) in Catania
-from 1998 till 2000 she travelled and lived in Cuba, Brazil, Turkey, North Africa, and other European countries.
-in 2000  she back in her hometown and founded UTILIS DESIGN, own Design Studio and corporate dedicated to the creation, production and distribution of design furnishings and ornament in methacrylate.
Her design products are distributed and sold in Italy an Spain:
- The APARTMENT Barcelona
- DB LIVING in Milan
- GARD In Rome
- FICO design in Syracuse

Big passion for recycling is a feature of her production and research:
-2008 Exhibition stand at the Salone del Mobile in Milan
-2009 Furniture for shops and trendy bars Catania “BIO”, “NET.GLOB”, “ARTECO”, “MACRAME” and bar “VINTAGE”, “THE HOLY DRINKER” etc.
-2011 Backdrop for the show CENERENTOLAUT
-2012 Setting for concerts to GENERAL MARKET

Catalogue of the exhibition “Differenziamoci” for Ministry of Environment, the exhibition “Shots of the East” and the exhibition “Gemine Muse”
Book “The other face of recovered paper” published by COMIECO

- Personal design “Screens 16″, gallery EEZ DE A, Turin, 1998
- Personal design “Sign Of Nude”, publisher Caracter Paris 1999
- Collective design: “IAV” Salone del Mobile in Paris,

“ISLAND OF SIGN” Salone del Mobile Taormina, “Domestic EXIL” gallery PIZZ’ARTE ‘Catania, “REPLASTIC” space REPLASTIC Milan, “ROTORESINA” Salone del Mobile Milan ” Oroboros “space Oroboros Milan,” ART EXHIBITION ABUSIVE “gallery BAU BAUS FACTORY Milan,” Gemine Muse “diocesan museum Catania